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We offer ESL, Japanese, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese lessons.

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Russian Language Lesson

Russian Language LessonRussian is the most used of the Slavic languages and largest native language in Europe. It is spoken by almost 278 million people across the globe. Russian is one of the six languages spoken at the United Nations.

Why Study Russian?

Russian ranks 5th of the list of languages spoken by the most people with a population of over 270 million. The country expands over two continents and is roughly twice the size of either America or China. Although Russian isn’t one of the easiest languages to learn it isn’t the most difficult. In fact, though the Russian alphabet may seem intimidating at first majority of the 33 letters are borrowed from the English language. Once you have mastered Cyrillic, as it is called, you will soon realize spelling in Cyrillic makes more sense than English spelling. 

For further information please call: (949)-433-8780
japanese lesson

Other Languages

There are multiple languages used all around the world and even in your own neighborhood. Learning a second language doesn’t have to be hard.

Chinese language Lesson
Chinese Lesson

Spanish  language Lesson
Spanish Lesson

French  language Lesson
French Lesson

Arabic  language Lesson
Arabic Lesson

Russian  language Lesson
Russian Lesson


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