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We offer ESL, Japanese, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese lessons.

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Chinese (Mandarin) Language Lesson

Chinese (Mandarin) Language LessonChinese or more accurately “Mandarin” is the standard of the multiple Chinese dialects within the country. It is considered the number one most used language, not only for its usage in the most populated country in the world but its growing popularity around the world. It is one of the six official languages used at the United Nations.

Why Study Chinese?

With China's incredible population and influence in South East Asia over 873 million people speak Chinese making it the number one used language in the world. In addition to China and Taiwan, the use of Chinese is evident in neighboring countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Mongolia, Thailand, and Malaysia. With China becoming the second largest economic power in the world, you can expect business relations between the US and China to increase over the next couple of decades making learning Chinese beneficial towards finding jobs. Not into business and prefer traveling? China is home to one of the oldest civilizations and has an extremely rich culture that will fascinate any traveler. Although Chinese is rated as a Category III language by the FSI, do not be fooled. Aside from the writing system and pronunciation that may frighten away English speakers, the grammar is actually easier than most other languages. Unlike English, Spanish, or Japanese, Chinese has no verb conjugation, number distinctions, or gender based words. What's more, the sentence structure of S-O-V is exactly the same as English.

For further information please call:(949)-433-8780
japanese lesson

Other Languages

There are multiple languages used all around the world and even in your own neighborhood. Learning a second language doesn’t have to be hard.

Chinese language Lesson
Chinese Lesson

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Spanish Lesson

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French Lesson

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Arabic Lesson

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Russian Lesson


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