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We offer ESL, Japanese, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese lessons.

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Arabic Language Lesson

Arabic Language LessonArabic is the most spoken language within the Middle East and Northern African area. It is the official language of over 22 countries and the language in which the holy book Qur'an was written. With approximately 280 million native speakers, Arabic is one of the six languages spoken at the United Nations.

Why Study Arabic?

The Middle East is the birthplace of some of the most highly influential monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is also home to almost two thirds of the world’s oil reserve. Currently there has been an increasing demand for those knowledgeable of the Arabic language in the West due to the growing importance of the Middle East in international affairs. Since demand of Arabic speakers is high and the supply is low, those who study Arabic may easily find occupations in a variety of fields from journalism to Foreign Service and intelligence.

For further information please call:(949)-433-8780
japanese lesson

Other Languages

There are multiple languages used all around the world and even in your own neighborhood. Learning a second language doesn’t have to be hard.

Chinese language Lesson
Chinese Lesson

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Spanish Lesson

French  language Lesson
French Lesson

Arabic  language Lesson
Arabic Lesson

Russian  language Lesson
Russian Lesson

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