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We offer ESL, Japanese, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese lessons.

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Language School-Orange County / The Language Experts Language School-Orange County / The Language Experts Language School-Orange County / The Language Experts
We offer free trial lessons.
All trial lessons require a deposit of $20 via Zelle to 949-424-9714, which will be returned to you after the lesson in cash. Thanks.

Classes at the Language Experts

Be a Japanese Expert!

Language School-Orange County / The Language ExpertsThe Language Experts teacher is a COACH who helps students practice the language, rather than simply an instructor providing lessons. Be a Japanese Expert!  Japan is a country with more than three thousand years of history. Its unique culture has influenced and inspired the west for centuries. The Japanese industry and economy are among the strongest in the world.

The number of people studying Japanese as a foreign language has increased steadily.
According to American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL), among post-secondary enrollments in foreign languages, Japanese is the sixth most commonly studied language in high schools (trailing only Spanish, French, German, Italian and American Sign Language). Students who take Japanese loves modern Japanese pop culture, such as anime, manga. It has affected American youth culture enormously. In 2007, the College Board of Education began offering AP Japanese. This year over 1900 students take AP Japanese.
You too can be a part of this exciting class!!

Night Adult Class
Night Adult Class

This class is designed to get you speaking Japanese right away.
Kid Class Lesson
Kid Class Lesson

In this class kids learn Japanese while having fun.
Junior Class Lesson
Junior Class Lesson

Available for middle school or high school students.
Private Lesson
Private Lesson

We offer in-classroom and out-of-classroom private lessons.

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Other Languages

There are multiple languages used all around the world and even in your own neighborhood. Learning a second language doesn’t have to be hard.

Chinese language Lesson
Chinese Lesson

Spanish  language Lesson
Spanish Lesson

French  language Lesson
French Lesson

Arabic  language Lesson
Arabic Lesson

Russian  language Lesson
Russian Lesson

10 Reasons to Learn Japanese


Japanese is spoken by 125,000,000 people worldwide.


Japan's geopolitical and strategic importance is increasing more than ever.


Four years of Japanese study will make you eligible for AP Japanese. You can get credits in UC, CSU and private colleges.


It is fun to learn traditional/modern Japanese culture.


You can travel to Japan and communicate with Japanese people.


You will understand what they are saying in anime, video games, and Japanese pop music.


You can explore Japanese foods.


Learning Japanese helps you think about your native language and culture.


Understanding different ways of thinking opens your mind.


You can use Japanese for your future career.

Hand in Hand
Night Adult Class
Kid Class Lesson
Junior Class Lesson
Private Lesson
Other Languages

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Chinese Lesson
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